Frequently Asked Questions

As with any new potential development there are always lots of questions raised by the community. We have addressed the most frequently asked questions and will continue to add new questions as they arise. If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us

Are Data Centres bad for the environment?

Data Centres focus on efficiency, strive to procure renewable energy and work hard to ensure that the disposal supply chain for waste electricals is as closed as it can be and that the heat generated can be reused. Data Centres are also enablers of technologies that significantly reduce energy impacts across the wider economy e.g. climate modelling, video conferencing, car-sharing apps and “smart” grids.

Is there going to be any affordable housing?

If residential development is taken forward as part of the scheme, adjacent to Station Road, affordable housing will be delivered in accordance with Slough Borough Council’s Planning policy.

What public facilities are going to be available?

We recognise the importance of providing an active frontage onto Station Road for the overall improvement of the Langley area. Our emerging proposal is to deliver a mixed-use building(s) which could provide retail/restaurant related activity on the ground floor with residential apartments or offices above.

Will the footpath by the railway still be accessible?

We are proposing to improve the footpath on the northern boundary of the site with new landscaping adjacent to the railway line. Additional land is proposed to be transferred to create a wider and safer corridor for the footpath, encouraging greater use by surrounding residents and discouraging anti-social behaviour.

Will the Data Centre affect local power supplies?

No – early investigations have confirmed that there is sufficient power supplied by the National Grid to serve the needs of the Data Centre.

Is the Data Centre going to be noisy? If so, what will be done to manage this?

Any noise emission will be sought to be mitigated through design, including maximising distances between the development and neighbouring residents. We will be expected to work to stringent environmental health regulations as part of our planning application, which will seek to minimise the impacts of the development on the local environment, including noise.

Is the Data Centre going to provide employment opportunities?

Yes – Data Centres provide direct and indirect employment. Direct employment includes construction, management of the Data Centre infrastructure, and the management of the ICT services. Indirect employment provides a demand for high value-add services e.g. Financial services, Professional and Business services, Education and Health services.

How long will it take to build the Data Centre?

It is typical for Data Centre sites to be developed in stages. If successful with our planning application we would expect the first stage to commence construction in late 2021 and to be operational by the end of 2022.